Performance with Marie Schruoffeneger/GlogauAir, Berlin/21-11-2014


I had the chance and pleasure to perform with the amazing dancer Marie Schruoffeneger, at the Künstlerhaus GlogauAir, In Berlin, on the 21st of November, 2014.

The performance in itself was pretty challenging for Marie, as we decided not to invite a musician to perform with us. Her performance was a complete improvisation, based on the sounds of me working on the Blackboard. “TAK TAK TAK” “FFFFFTTTT TAK FFFFTTTT TAK” etc, mixed with our body efforts, breathing in, breathing out, her steps on the wooden floor, the sounds on the street nearby and the public.

We did some dance exercices before, some improvisations with the sound of chalk, it changed a lot my way to work on the blackboard, I connected myself to her and my own movements became like a choreography, I was focusing on my breath, my movements, the energy i put in my moves. We were reacting on each others’ presence in the room, inhabited it.

Unfortunately, the video we have from the performance was pretty bad filmed, I did a montage to try making it look better. It was a 20 minutes performance.



After the performance, we performed a second “surprise” performance, the erasing of the Blackboard.

Until then, I always erased my drawing privately, as it’s for me a grieving process, quite intense and difficult. Marie witnessed parts of it while we were exercising, and she felt connected to the whole process, so I accepted the experience. We only had a few people left on GlogauAir with us. As expected, the very silent and deep second performance was quite intense for us both to perform.



Marie Schruoffeneger’s Website

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