The Opera Aliens Lab #3/Neuköllner Oper, Berlin/5, 7 & 8 February 2013

The Opera Aliens Lab was a creation of the performer/singer Damian Rebgetz, the pianist/composer Paul Hankinson and the director Jessica Páez.

The show was divided in 3 parts, presented in the Neuköllner Oper in Berlin, with the Institut for Postneurotic Opera (IPO).

The Plot of the show was Damian and Paul’s adventure through space, in the direction of Planet G. But the actual aim of the journey was to approach the similarity between the Opera singers and the Aliens, using scientific and artistic knowledges.

Part #1 shows Damian and Paul’s debut journey in their spaceship, analyzing and performing the action of singing itself, using the whole voice process. The show ends on the apparition of an Alien Soprano Opera singer, contaminating the spaceship with a unexpected virus : a giant singing Stimmlippen (vocal chords). Damian and Paul enter the Stimmlippen to pursue their adventure.




Part #2 starts with Damian and Paul going out of the Stimmlippen into another dimension : an outer-space baroque Mozart-like environment. They are now slaves of the Stimmlippen, who forces them to sing Christmas songs. When the Stimmlippen finally falls asleep, Damian and Paul are then able to continue their theorical and artistic experiments, this time based on Mozart’s music, but specifically focusing on the History of Opera singing. The Stimmlippen awakes and throws an hyperactive Don Giovanni (Thorbjörn Björnsson) out. The shows ends with the dramatic deaths of Paul and Don Giovanni, and Damian gets lost in Space.





Part #3 takes place 100 years ahead, in 2113. The spaceship of Damian and Paul was found back with all the objects inside. Everything is classified and I (as myself, Florent Lefebvre), a young successful artist that worked on the OAL project in the past, organise an exhibition with all the objects from the journey. Damian and Paul were cloned. Their clones are invited to perform a concert during the exhibition, as well as I’m performing a drawing.




For the third and last part of the Opera Aliens Lab, Damian invited me to do a drawing performance during the show, with a new Blackboard/Tableau Noir.

It was an amazing opportunity to start performing my drawings.

The Blackboard was also bigger (280 x 210 cm) that the ones I was used to draw on, so it was more physical and sportive.

I did 3 drawing performances, one for every show.




February, 5th



5-02-13 TN



5-02-13 TN poussière



5-02-13 TN perf

February, 7th



7-02-13 TN



7-02-13 TN poussière



7-02-13 TN perf

February, 8th



8-02-13 TN



8-02-13 TN poussière



8-02-13 TN perf




Opera Aliens Lab pano



Pictures of the performance : © Patrick Virtanen & Florent Lefebvre

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